MPV-style, board,tough with commercial attraction
The interior design adopts the international prevailing two-tone design method.
Punchy power for energetic all the way
Safety care for worriless all the way



Integrated crystal halogen headlamp is of modern shape, high brightness, wide illumination area and strong effect of visual impact.

Body-colored front and rear large energy absorbent bumper

Adopt energy absorbent bumper, which can effectively absorb the buffer collision energy and improve safety factor of driving. The design that its color is the same to that of body increases the esthetic element of the whole car.

Front grille

The broad and integrated bar-style grille ensures the enough air suction and improves the heat dispersion of engine and fuel economy.

Waist line

The clear waist line gives the car power sense, emphasizes the horizontal character of car and increases the visual length of car, making the side profile of body more steady and vivid.

Body-colored electric super-wide-angle outside side view mirror

The design that its color is the same to that of body increases the esthetic element of the whole car. Electrical adjustment makes driving more convenient and safe. The wide-angle design ensures wider vision obtained by drivers.


The roof adopts soft streamlined design with graceful and stretched line and 2290mm height, which makes H13 exalt and elegant and improves the comfortableness of riding.

LED combined taillight

Shield LED combined lamps has features of high brightness, long service life, rapid reaction speed and energy conservation and so on, which has improved the driving safety.


Interior Style

The interior design adopts the international prevailing two-tone design method. The dark tone embracing the upper cabin makes the car keen-witted and steady. While the lighter tone embracing the lower cabin creates a fresh and comfortable internal environment. The two-tone combination above reveals elegance and maturity of car.

Central console

The central console is distributed reasonably. All keys and buttons are arranged in order for ease of operation. The high-class softening decoration panel improves comfortable sensation.


The white backlight with high definition and red needle is clear at a glance. Blue LED screen makes the display more striking. Besides, functions to display the state of door opening and closing and clock also have been added.

Common foaming steering wheel (vertical adjustment)

Four-spoke steering wheel with comfortable feeling can be adjusted vertically depending on the need of drivers to make driving more comfortable.

Anti-glare inside rear view mirror

It can effectively reduce the interference to drivers from headlamp illumination of rear vehicles.

Adjustable headrest of driver’s and passenger's seat

The headrest provides good support for head and neck, which can not only alleviate the fatigue effectively, but also buffer the collision force under dangerous condition. What's more, the headrest can be adjusted the height as required, making the driving more comfortable.


Engine Performance

Material of light weight aluminum alloy: The structure is firm and compact, which reduces the body weight. Turbo-charging technology: More power and less fuel consumption. Inter-cooling technology: Decrease the air inlet temperature of engine and improve air exchange efficiency and fuel economy of engine.

Gearbox: MT

The vehicle is configured with standard five-speed manual gearbox, bringing about driving fun to drivers. Interlocking plate-type self-lock structure can effectively prevent the erratic shifting and mistaken shift into reverse.

Suspension System

Independent spring suspension with torsion bar and double acting telescopic shock absorber; High lateral rigidity, good performance of anti-lean and road-gripping and clear sense of direction; At present, this kind of suspension is only applied to sports cars, super cars and high-end SUV. Vane-type steel plate spring rigid axle suspension and double action telescopic shock absorber ; Simple structure, low cost, high strength and easy maintenance.


Full-metal enclosed semi-integral body (Advantages)

1. Front main Frame Laser Welded, enhance the front collision impact performance level, 2. B-Pillar and Rear wheel arc areas, increase side impact performance level, 3. Reduce vehicle weight, more fuel economy.

High strength side bumper of front and rear doors

It can effectively absorb the collision force when side collision happens, preventing the deformation of door and injury of passengers and greatly improving the safety of two sides.


ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) It can prevent the wheel lock duly and keep directional control, fully playing its role of braking in emergency situation. EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) it can further automatically detect the difference of ground gripping of front and rear wheels, distributing the optimal braking force and ensuring personnel safety under any road conditions.

Braking System

Disc brake for front wheel: Respond well, outstanding stability and good heat dispersion. Drum brake for rear wheel: Steady braking efficiency and low use-cost.

Hydraulic power steering

Convenient control, nimble steering and high accuracy of servo, etc.

Retractile energy-absorbing steering column

It will retract when collision happens to pull away the distance for drivers and increase the safety space of front-row drivers, preventing the drivers’ head and chest from getting hurt.

Safety Belt

Front-row pretension 3-point safety belt. It can sense the collision signal and make the originally loosening safety belt on passenger body tight instantly to reduce the impact force.


Overlarge Space & Flexible Application

Body dimension: 5410 x 1920 x 2290mm; wheelbase: 3110mm. Overlarge side sliding door: 1190 x 1560mm. design of high roof and wide body. 14 seats and the fifth row seats can be folded, which can form larger cargo space. 17 multipurpose storage boxes are installed in multiple places in the car.

Electronic anti-theft system of engine

It improves the anti-theft function and safety of vehicle.

Remote central locking

In the condition of long distance, there is no need to close the window in advance. Just remote lock the vehicle directly. The four windows will close and lock automatically, which is very easy for operation.

Single CD+MP3/USB interface+4-speaker

It makes the drivers and passengers like to be in music hall at any position of compartment and enjoy excellent listening experience at all times, increasing fun to the driving travel.


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